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Fruit Fly Cultures available upon request!

Recommended Salt Water Parameters

 Salinity = 1.025 measured at (77°F),
PH = 8.2 - 8.4
Alkalinity should be a minimum of 2.5 meq/L (about 7 dKH), with a value somewhere between 3.2 meq/L (9 dKH) and 4.3 meq/L (12 dKH) being optimal.
Calcium = 380 & 450 ppm, and no less than 360 ppm. 
Ammonia should also be less than 0.1 ppm
Nitrate best kept well below 10 ppm, with values less than 1 ppm being optimal.

Saltwater New Arrivals


Red Fairy Anthias

Half BLack Angel

Atlantic Seaweed Blenny Med 

 Diamond Sleeper Goby Med   

Gold Head Sleeper Goby Med  

 Six Spot Sleeper Goby Med 

 Hector's Goby Sml   

Yellow Mimic Tang Med 

  Horseshoe Crab Sml  

 Fire Shrimp 

  Astrea Turbo Snail Atlantic 

  Algae Eating Sea Hare Med  

 Double Starfish Sml   

Strawberry Sea Tunicate Med 

  Violet Cespitularia Polyp Aquacultured Sml   

Orange Lithophyllon Coral Aquacultured   Frag

Red Leptoseris Coral Aquacultured Frag     


25 Clownfish 3 -$30

Longfin CLownfish $99.99 or 2 - $170

Black Clowns Small- $25

Wyoming WHite - $25

Sparkey Maroons - $25



M3840 Damsel Yellowtail Blue   

M6132 Moorish Idol   

M6770 Snapper Blue Stripe


 Mccosker Flasher Wrasse   

Springeri Damesel  

Engineer goby   

Coral Beauty Angel   - Centropyge bispinosus  

Royal Gramma; Atl.   - Gramma loreto   Starry Blenny -   Salarias ramosus     Black & White  - Heniochus acuminatus  

 Copperband   Butterfly - Chelmon rostratus   

Yellow Longnose   Butterfly - Forcipiger longirostris   

Aiptasia Eating   File - Acreichthys tomentosus  

Diamond Goby -   Valenciennea puellaris   

Green Mandarin Goby   - Synchiropus splendens   

Panda Goby -   Paragobius lacunicolus   Scissortail Goby -   Ptereleotris evides   Tiger (Wardi) Goby   - Valenciennea wardi   

Twinspot (Signal)   Goby - Signigobius biocellatus   

Panther Grouper;   TR - Cromileptes altivelis   

Flame Hawk; Haw. -   Neocirrhites armatus   Longnose Hawk -   Oxycirrhites typus   

Spotted Sweetlips -   Plectorhinchus chaetodonoides   

Blue (Hippo) Tang -   Paracanthurus hepatus   Blue (Hippo) Tang -   Paracanthurus hepatus   

Chocolate   (Yel.Mimic) Tang - Acanthurus pyroferus  

 Golden Tile Goby -   Hoplolatilus luteus   

Bluejaw Trigger:   Male - Xanthichthys auromarginatus   

Exquisite Fairy   Wrasse; I.O. - Cirrhilabrus exquisitus 

  Harlequin Tusk -   Lienardella fasciata   Orange Back Fairy   Wrasse: Male - Cirrhilabrus aurantidorsal   

Six Line Wrasse -   Pseudocheilinus hexataenia   

Tricolor Fairy   Wrasse: Male - Cirrhilabrus lubbocki   

Yellow Coris Wrasse   - Halichoeres chrysus  



Maxima Clam: 1st   Grade; T/R - Tridacna Maxima   

Cleaner Shrimp -   Lysmata amboinensis   Sexy Shrimp -   Periclimenes sp.   Octopus: Brown;   Pacific - Octopus sp.   

Foxface   Yellow (Bali)   

Frag,   Coral Torch Reg.  

 Zoanthind   WYSIWYG   

Duncan   WYSIWYG   

Pipe   Organ WYSIWYG 

  Frag,   Coral Bubble White   

Snail,   Nassarius (Tonga)   

Wrasse,   Melanurus   

Grouper,   Marine Betta (Male)  

 Goby,   Sleeper Golden Head   

Angel,   Regal (Bali)   

Snail,   Cerith   

Crab,   Green Emerald   Starfish,   

General (Bali)   

Filefish,   Redtail (Haw)   

Wrasse,   Fairy Pintail (Male)   

Goby,   Firefish   

Hermit,   Red-Leg   

Blasto   WYSIWYG ITEM    


  Lawn Mower Blenny Med 

   Pearlscale Butterfly Med 

  Emerald Crab 

  Horseshoe Crab Sml 

   Fire Shrimp 

   Zebra Turbo Snail 

   Double Starfish Med    


 Blueface Angel: Changing - Pomacanthus xanthometopon  

 Coral Beauty Angel - Centropyge bispinosus   

Flame Angel; Mar. - Centropyge loriculus   

Imperator Angel: Juv - Pomacanthus imperator  

 Starry Blenny - Salarias ramosus   Starry Blenny - Salarias ramosus   

Black & White Heniochus - Heniochus acuminatus  

 Copperband Butterfly - Chelmon rostratus  

 Pearlscale Butterfly - Chaetodon xanthurus   

Yellow Longnose Butterfly - Forcipiger longirostris   

Aiptasia Eating File - Acreichthys tomentosus 

 Blue Gudgeon Goby - Ptereleotris heteroptera   

Diamond Goby - Valenciennea puellaris   Diamond Goby - Valenciennea puellaris   Firefish Goby 3 lot - Nemateleotris magnifica   

Green Mandarin Goby - Synchiropus splendens   


War Paint Clown Goby; Fiji - Gobiodon histrio   

Tiger (Wardi) Goby - Valenciennea wardi   

Yellow Watchman - Cryptocentrus cinctus   

Panther Grouper; Tank Raised - Cromileptes altivelis   

Dwarf Lion - Dendrochirus zebra   

Dogface Puffer - Arothron nigropunctatus   Yellow Spotted Scorpion - Synanceia sp.   Bigeye Soldierfish - Myripristis sp.   Blonde Naso Tang - Naso lituratus  

 Blue (Hippo) Tang - Paracanthurus hepatus   

Chocolate (Yel.Mimic) Tang - Acanthurus pyroferus   

Powder Blue Surgeon - Acanthurus leucosternon   

Powder Brown Surgeon - Acanthurus japonicus   

Purple Tang:Zebrasoma xanthurum  

 Sailfin Tang - Zebrasoma veliferum   Humu Humu Trigger - Rhinecanthus aculeatus   

Niger Trigger - Odonus niger     

Eight Line Flasher Wrasse; Red Sea - Paracheilinus octotaen     

 Leopard Wrasse: Female - Macropharyngodon meleagris   

Ornate Leopard Wrasse: Female - Macropharyngodon ornatu   

Pintail Fairy Wrasse; Male - Cirrhilabrus cf. lanceolatus   Six Line Wrasse - Pseudocheilinus hexataenia   B

rain Coral: Metallic ; Australia - Trachyphyllia geoffroyi   

Lobophyllia: Red (Super) - Lobophyllia hemprichii   

Blastomussa Wellsi: ULTRA ; Australia - Blastomussa well

   Bubble Coral; Tonga - Plerogyra sinuosa  

 Elegance Coral: Green Australia - Catalaphyllia jardinei   

Decorator Spider Crab - Camposcia retusa   

Emerald Crab; Atl. - Dromidiopsis edwardsi  

 Orange Leg Hermit Crab (Reef Safe) - Ciliopagurus strigatus

   Purple Lobster - Enoplometopus daumi  

 Blue Xenia - Cespitularia sp. w/Scleractinia sp.  

 Emperor Shrimp: Red - Periclimenes sp.   Fire Shrimp - Lysmatta debelius   Harlequin Shrimp - Hymenocera picta   Pistol Shrimp: Red; Atl. - Alpheus sp.   Nassarius Sand Snail (Large) 50 lot - Nassarius sp.   Tiger Sand Conch - Strombus sp.   Dalmation Linkia: Fancy - Linkia multiflora   Red (Fromia) Starfish - Fromia sp.   Red / Pink Tile Star; I.O. - Fromia sp.    


Angel, Singapore
Angel, Coral Beauty (Fiji)
Angel, Eiblii
Wrasse, Melanurus
Goby, Sleeper Golden Head
Goby, Sleeper Diamond
B/F, Copperband
Frag, Montipora Plating/Encr...
Frag, Coral Torch Reg.
Shrimp, Cleaner
Shrimp, Fire (Sri Lanka)
Sea Slug, Velvet (flatworm eat...
Wrasse, Leopard
Goby, Steinitzi (Flagtail)
Hermit, Red-Leg
Tang, Naso Blonde w/Strm (...
Tang, Blue (Hippo) Yellowbelly
Tang, Blue (Hippo)
Tang, Sailfin (Bali, Fiji)
Tang, Sailfin Desjardini (Red ...
Foxface Yellow (Bali)
Blue Blanquillo
Lionfish, Dwarf
Goby, Mandarin Green-Blue
Clam, Maxima Blue Met. (Far...
Frag, Mushroom Ricordea Or...

Frag, Acan lord Ultra Mix Pack
Frag, Asst. Pack (Soft-SPS-LP...
Snail, Nerite

Anemone, Bubble (Ultra)
Snail, Cerith
Crab, Green Emerald
Shrimp, Camel
Starfish, Chocolate Chip
Tang, Convict
B/F, Pearlscale
Angel, Potters
Angler, Green


Diamond Sleeper Goby Med                                     Sold

yellow Belly Blue Regal Hippo Tang Africa Sml       $59.99
Powder Brown Tang Sml                                          
Scopas Tang Sml                                                      $29.99
Lunare Wrasse Indonesia Sml                                  
Yellow Coris Wrasse Med                                         $22.99
Emerald Crab                                                            

Dragon Wrasse


Royal Gramma Med                                                  
Bicolor Blenny Med                                                   
Diamond Sleeper Goby Med                                     
Yellownose Prawn Goby Med                                   
Colored Tube Anemone Lrg
Emerald Crab B Grade Sml

Lyertail Anthias Med


Size Description for Sales
Psuedochromis Strawberry
SM Flame Angel; Marshall Island. - Centropyge loriculus
Golden Tiger Blenny - Escenius segmentatus
M Lawnmower Blenny - Salarias fasciatus
S Starry Blenny - Salarias ramosus
M Copperband Butterfly - Chelmon rostratus
M Banner (Bangai) Cardinal - Pterapogon kauderni
SM Aiptasia Eating File - Acreichthys tomentosus
XL Diamond Goby - Valenciennea puellaris
M Green Mandarin Goby - Synchiropus splendens
M Tiger (Wardi) Goby - Valenciennea wardi
ML Watchman Goby (Pink/Blue Spot) - Cryptocentrus leptoceph
Flame Hawk; Haw. - Neocirrhites armatus
Bluestripe Pipefish - Doryrhamphus excisus
Bicolor Pseudo - Pseudochromis paccagnellae
SM Blonde Naso Tang - Naso lituratus
SM Blue (Hippo) Tang - Paracanthurus hepatus
SM Powder Blue Surgeon - Acanthurus leucosternon
SM Sailfin Tang - Zebrasoma veliferum
S Clown Trigger - Balistoides conspicillum
SM Divided Leopard Wrasse: Female - Macropharyngodon bipar
McCoskeri Flasher Wrasse: Male - Paracheilinus mccoskeri
SM Adhesive Anemone; Ultra - Cryptodendrum adhaesivum
ML Saddle Anemone: Colored - Stichodactyla haddoni
L Blue Leg Reef Hermit Crab; Atl.; Large - Paguristes sp.
Ricordea Mushroom: Blue; Atl. (Polyp) - Ricordia florida
Ricordea Mushroom - Green; Atl. - Ricordea florida
L Cleaner Shrimp - Lysmata amboinensis
S Octopus: Brown; Pacific - Octopus sp.
Fox Face Yellow Spot
Koran Angel
Pottters Angel
Maxima Clam Metalic Blue
Elegance Coral 
Red leg hermits
Torch Coral Frags
Assorted Frags
Nassarius Snail



    F1596 Cich Afr   Frontosa Sm 

  F8181 Synodontis Petricola Sm  

 F4596 Knife Black Ghost T/R Sm   

F4987 Molly Lyertail 24 Karat Md  

 F1770 Cich Afr Labidi Yellow Sm  

 F8826 Tetra Rummy Nose T/R   

P3150 Root Anubius Nana   WHI32520 B/Shrimp Spirulina 3.5 Cube   WON77 ON Bloodworms 3.5oz Cube  

 F6246 Pleco Adonis Sm

   F1001 Cat Atronasus…NEW!! 

  F0196 Apistogramma Bitaeniata   F3672 Elephant Nose Md   

F0032 Algae Eater Garra Fuliginosa 

  F0008 Algae Eater Gold Lg  

 F0228 Apistogramma Ram Blue Lg  

 F0246 Apistogramma Ram Gold Lg 

  F1368 Cat Redtail Sm  

 F1410 Cat Shovelnose Tiger Sm   

F3999 Betta Crowntail Male   

F4014 Betta Show Male   

F2337 Cich Jack Dempsey Elec Blue Sm   

F2761 Cich Texas Electric Blue Lg   

F3090 Corydoras Skunk   F2975 Corydoras Julii C/B   

F3564 Eel Rope   

F7218 Scat Green Md  

 F8387 Tetra Congo Male   

F9038 Wolf Fish Rainbow  

 WFZ2000 Fuzzy Frozen (25 Pack)   WON77432 ON Clams On The Half Shell 32o   

P0600 Bunch Glossostigma    


Mustard Gas Halfmoon Betta   Male Lrg   Koi Plakat Betta Male Lrg  

 Veiltail Cherry Barb Reg 

 Clown Loach M/S   

Gold Dojo Loach Reg   

Striata Botia Reg 

  Panda Corydoras Reg   

Skunk Corydoras Med   

Julii Corydoras Tank Raised   Reg   Super Eques Corydoras   

Lima Shovelnose Catfish Med   

Zamora Cunchi Catfish Reg 

Albino Gibbiceps Pleco L165   Reg   Albino Longfin Bristlenose  Pleco L144a   

Assorted Aulonocara Peacock   Cichlid Reg   Assorted Aulonocara Peacock   Cichlid Med

Copadochromis Chrysonotus   Cichlid Red Peacock Cichlid Reg  

 Electric Blue Ahli Cichlid Reg 

  Sunshine Peacock Cichlid M/S   

Strawberry Peacock Cichlid Med   Albino Cobue Peacock Cichlid   Reg   Green Texas/Carpintis Cichlid   Reg   Dragon Fish Goby Reg 

  Knight Goby Reg   

Black Ghost Knife Tank Raised   Reg   Green Lantern Platy Med   

Red Crescent Platy Med   

Dalmatian Molly Med 

  Boesemani Rainbow Reg  

 New Guinea Rainbow Lrg   

Yellow Rainbow Med   

Black Phantom Tetra Reg    

Congo Tetra Lrg   

Orange Von Rio Tetra Florida Reg 

  Red & Blue Colombian Tetra Reg  Serpae Tetra Reg   

 Yellow Rabbit Snail Reg   

Kompact Hygrophila Corymbosa Potted Reg   Purple Waffle Plant Bunched Reg   Rotala Macrandra Plant Bunched Reg %   Aponogeton 

Madagascar Lace Plant Bulb  

 Lacy Java Fern Plant Reg   

Red Jungle Vallisneria Plant Reg  

Red Tiger Lotus Plant Reg   

Green Cryptocoryne Wendtii Plant Med   Bronze Cryptocoryne Wendtii Plant Med   Aponogetan Longiplumulosus 

Plant Bulb   

Micranthemum Tweediei 'Monte Carlo'   Plant       



F6930 Rainbow Neon Dwf Md   

F5555 Oranda Lionhead Calico Sm   

F5622 Oranda Pom Pom Sm   

P4350 Root Anubias Frazer   

P3300 Root Anubias Afzelii   

F0132 Angel Koi Sm   

F1458 Angel Gold Diamond Sm  

 F0246 Apistogramma Ram Gold Lg   F0216 Apistogramma Ram Angel Veil   F0228 Apistogramma Ram Blue Lg  

 F1344 Cat Raphael Spotted Md   

F1350 Cat Raphael Striped Md  

F3564 Eel Rope   

F3612 Eel Tiretrack small  

F7479 Shark Rbw GloFish Cosmic Blue   F7481 Shark Rbw GloFish Galactic Pur   

F7480 Shark Rbw GloFish Sunbrst Org   F5598 Oranda Pearlscale Sm   

F4092 Gour Dwf Neon Male   

F4344 Gour Pearl Md  

 F4432 Guppy Fancy Asst Female   F4429 Guppy Fancy Asst Male   

F4842 Loach Clown Sm   

F5274 Monodactylus Argenteus Sm   F6594 Pleco 2"   

F7302 Shark Bala Sm   

F7737 Snail Neritina Tiger   

F8181 Synodontis Petricola Sm   

F8372 Tetra Cardinal T/R   

F8420 Tetra Emperor Sm   

F8628 Tetra Neon Lg   

F8774 Tetra Red Minor L/F Md   

F8826 Tetra Rummy Nose T/R     

 R2640 Scorpion Asian Forest Black   F7566 Shrimp Ghost    

Reptile Arrivals

Bearded Dragon Adults Male and Female

Crested Gecko Mixed Colors

Black Forrest Scorpion

Sulcata Tortoise

Green Tree Frogs

Veiled Chameleon

Fish Scaled Gecko

Baby Nile Monitor

Peacock Day Gecko

Indo White Tree frogs

Metalic Pinktoe Tarantula

Flying Gecko

Fruit Fly Cultures (Hydei and Melengaster)

Arrival 11/21

F4387   Guppy Common 1/2 Box   F2820 Comet 1.5-2 Inch   Sm    

L0060 Mealworm 100 Ct   

F7104 Rosy Red Feeder   

F0216 Apistogramma Ram Angel Veil   F3999 Betta Crowntail Male   

F8322 Tetra Blind Cave   

F0798 Barb Tinfoil Sm   

F0714 Barb Tiger Green Sm   

F4890 Loach Kuhlii   

F3612 Eel Tiretrack Md   

F5790 Pleco Flash L204 Md   

F2202 Cich Festivum Sm   

F3090 Corydoras Skunk   

F5676 Redcap Oranda   

F6780 Green Puffer  

F0228 Apistogramma Ram Blue Lg   

F0318 Arowana Silver Lg   

F0828 Bass Peacock Md   

F1013 Cat Banjo Sm   

F1368 Cat Redtail Sm   

F1424 Cat Shovelnose Tiger Spotted   F1551 Cich Electric Blue Acara Sm  

F2262 Cich Geoph Brasilensis Sm 

F2274 Cich Geoph Heckeli Sm   

F2316 Cich Geoph Surinamensis Sm   F2551 Cich Parrotfish Blood Red Md   F3048 Corydoras Panda Sm   

F3097 Corydoras Sterbai  

 F3156 Crayfish Sm   

F3276 Danio Zebra   

F3564 Eel Rope   

F3882 Gar Needle Nose  

 F5827 Gudgeon Peacock   

F4432 Guppy Fancy Asst Female   

F4595 Knife Black Ghost Md   

F4842 Loach Clown Sm   

F4752 Guppy Golden Head Male   F4473 Guppy Cobra Pineapple Male   F4391 Guppy Black Golden Male   

F4475 Guppy Silver Tux Male   

F5232 Molly Dalmation Md   

F7044 Rasbora Heter Lg   

F6372 Pleco Clown   

F6450 Pleco Hong Kong Sm   

F6699 Polypterus Senegalus Sm   

F7290 Shark Bala Md   

F7464 Shark Rainbow Alb Md   

F7733 Snail Neritina Mixed   

F8181 Synodontis Petricola Sm   

F9038 Wolf Fish Rainbow  

F8372 Tetra Cardinal T/R   

F8374 Tetra Cardinal Vietnamese   F8387 Tetra Congo Male   

F8254 Tetra Costello   

F8424 Tetra Fire Green   

F8413 Tetra Emperor Blk Sm   

F8628 Tetra Neon Lg   

F8808 Tetra Roberti     

P0050 Bunch Plant Value Pack   

R2640 Scorpion Asian Forest Black   P3856 Root Crypt Parva   

P3546 Root Crypt Retrospiralis   

R3306 Taran Haplo Bird Eating Black    

Arrival 11/9


Aponogeton Boivinianus Plant   Bulb   Aponogeton Crispus Plant Reg   Aponogeton Madagascar Lace   Plant Med   Aponogeton Ulvaceus Plant Bulb   Banana Plant Med   

Lacy Java Fern Plant Reg   

Red Tiger Lotus Plant Reg   

Red Flame Sword Plant Med   Aponogetan Longiplumulosus   Plant Bulb    

  Albino Glolite Tetra Florida   Reg    Cardinal Tetra Med   

Longfin Black Skirt Tetra   Reg 

  Serpae Tetra Reg 

  Von Rio Flame Tetra Reg       

Black Orchid Crowntail Betta   Male Lrg   Crowntail Dragonscale Betta   Male Lrg   Dragonscale Betta Male Lrg   Halfmoon Betta Male Lrg   Cellophane Halfmoom Betta Male   Lrg   Yo-Yo Lohachata Botia Reg   Polka Dot Pictus Catfish   Reg %   Albino Longfin Bristlenose   Pleco L144a Reg   Black Angel Reg   Silver Veil Angel Reg   Zebra Blue Angel Reg   Blue Diamond Discus Reg   Royal Red Discus Reg   Blue Turquoise Discus Reg   Checkerboard Blue Discus Reg   Red Pigeon Discus Reg   Yellow Marlboro Discus Reg   Assorted Aulonocara Peacock   Cichlid Reg   Assorted Aulonocara Peacock   Cichlid Med   Copadochromis Chrysonotus   Cichlid Reg   Red Dragon Flowerhorn Cichlid   Reg %   Red Spot Gold Severum Cichlid   M/S   Assorted Plumetail Platy   Med %   Green Lantern Platy Med   Payara H. Scomberoides Med   New Guinea Rainbow Med   Turquoise Rainbow Reg %   Emerald Rainbow Gary Lange   Strain Med   Australian Rainbow Deepwater   Creek Lrg    

Arrival 11/8

F4955 Clown Loach

F4905 Medium Green Terror

F5906 Clown Knife

F4387 Guppy Common 1/2 Box

F2820 Comet 1.5-2 Inch Sm 

L0087 Mealworm Super 1000 Ct

F7104 Rosy Red Feeder

P3150 Root Anubius Nana

F8394 Tetra Congo Xl

F6854 Rainbow Bosemani Md

F0031 Anableps Asian

F0078 Angel Asst Sm

F0318 Arowana Silver Lg

F0330 Arowana Silver Sm

F0216 Apistogramma Ram Angel Veil

F0828 Bass Peacock Md

F4028 Betta Crowntail Female

F3999 Betta Crowntail Male

F4014 Betta Show Male

F1424 Cat Shovelnose Tiger Spotted

F2551 Cich Parrotfish Blood Red Md

F2658 Cich Red Devil Sm

F2892 Corydoras Asst

F3564 Eel Rope

F3818 Frog Clawed Alb Md

F4092 Gour Dwf Neon Male

F4392 Guppy Bumble Bee Male

F4432 Guppy Fancy Asst Female

F4777 Guppy Golden Male

F4472 Guppy Orange Gray Mosaic Male

F4596 Knife Black Ghost T/R Sm

F4865 Loach Hillstream Rect

F6594 Pleco 2"

F6700 Polypterus Senegalus Alb Sm

F7302 Shark Bala Sm

F7737 Snail Neritina Tige

F7735 Snail Neritina Zebra

F7734 Snail Mystery Mixed

F8387 Tetra Congo Male

F9019 White Cloud Md

F8628 Tetra Neon Lg

M3779 Damsel Springers

WFZ4500 Rat Frozen Pinky (12 Pack)

WSF88055 Bloodworm 3.5oz Cube (10 Pack)

WSF88057 Bloodworms 16oz (3 Pack)


Arrival 10/25

M7662 Tang Yellow Sm
F6485 Pleco Marble Sailfin Albino Sm
F4092 Gour Dwf Neon Male
F1350 Cat Raphael Striped Md
F1865 Cich Afr Pea Sunshine Sm
F1848 Cich Afr Pea Red Neck Sm
F7076 Rasbora Scissortail Md
P3300 Root Anubias Afzelii
P5150 Root Sword Amazon
R1900 Lizard Mountain Horned
F0142 Angel Leopard Smoke Sm
F0834 Bass Peacock Sm
F3999 Betta Crowntail Male
4014 Betta Show Male
F1344 Cat Raphael Spotted Md
F1284 Cat Phantom Glass
F1354 Cat Redtail Asian Sm
F1362 Cat Redtail Md
F1651 Cich Afr Hap Flameback
1692 Cich Afr Hap Moorii Sm
F1825 Cich Afr Peacock Gold Sm
F2358 Cich Jewel Sm
F1819 Cich Peacock Dragon Blood
F2578 Cich Pike Black Stripe
F2579 Cich Pike Crocodile
F2646 Cich Red Devil Md
F2975 Corydoras Julii C/B
F3076 Corydoras Sailfin Grn
F3086 Corydoras Sodalis
F3822 Frog Clawed Alb Sm
F4514 Killifish Panchax Golden Sm
F4868 Loach Horseface Md
F5038 Molly B/B Lyretail Asst
F7224 Scat Green Sm
F7824 Stone Fish Sm
F8387 Tetra Congo Male
M1014 Angel Six Barred Md
M7186 Tang Blue Hepatus 2"-2.5"
R2640 Scorpion Asian Forest Black
WFZ4500 Rat Frozen Pinky (12 Pack)
WHI32320 Brine Shrimp 3.5oz Cube (12 Pa

Arrival 10/11

F4387 Guppy Common 1/2 Box
F2820 Comet 1.5-2 Inch Sm 
M8430 Wrasse Cleaner
M6420 Puffer Sharpnose Blue Spotted
WHI31371 Clams On Half Shell 4oz 12Pk
WON77073 ON Bloodworms 3.5oz Cube
F1362 Cat Redtail Md
F4680 Koi 3-4 Inch sold
F1551 Cich Electric Blue Acara Sm
F2975 Corydoras Julii C/B
F0010 Algae Eater Lg
F0132 Angel Koi Sm
F0185 Angel Zebra Sm
F0276 Archer Md
F0318 Arowana Silver Lg
F0216 Apistogramma Ram Angel Veil
0228 Apistogramma Ram Blue Lg
F4021 Betta Crowntail Blue/Gold
F4024 Betta Crowntail R/W/B
F1162 Cat Flying Fox Siamese Sm
F2578 Cich Pike Black Stripe
F3570 Eel Snowflake Lg
F3822 Frog Clawed Alb Sm
F4212 Gour Kisser Pink Md
F4374 Gour Sparkling Sm
F4656 Knife Transparent
F4596 Knife Black Ghost T/R Sm
F4830 Loach Clown Md
F6264 Pleco Rubbernose L146
F6372 Pleco Clown
F6700 Polypterus Senegalus Alb Sm
F6780 Puffer Green Sm
F7733 Snail Neritina Mixed
F8372 Tetra Cardinal T/R
F8628 Tetra Neon Lg
F8826 Tetra Rummy Nose T/R
L0060 Mealworm 100 Ct
M3779 Damsel Springers
M6390 Puffer Porcupine Small
M6624 Shark Egg Banded
F0482 Barb Rhombo
F0008 Algae Eater Gold Lg
F4450 Guppy Moscow Green Male 
F4408 Guppy Moscow Blue Male
F4776 Guppy Pink Metallic Male
F4453 Guppy Platinum White Male
F4460 Guppy Blue Butterfly Lyretail
F4409 Guppy German Yellow Male

Arrival 9/29

Black Angel Reg
Blue Diamond Discus Reg  All Regular Discus 3 - $150
Cobalt Blue Discus Reg
Royal Red Discus Reg
Blue Turquoise  Discus Med  $69.99
White Face Marlboro Discus Reg
Checkerboard Blue Discus Reg
Diamond Snakeskin Discus Reg
Red Pearl Discus Reg
Red Pigeon Discus Reg
Assorted Aulonocara Peacock Cichlid Med
Copadochromis Chrysonotus Cichlid Reg
Electric Blue Ahli Cichlid Male Lrg
Sweden F1 Labidochromis Hongi Cichlid Reg
Gissel Placidochromis Phenochilus Cichlid Sml
Sunshine Peacock Cichlid Male Med
Yellow Band Tropheus Moorii Cichlid Reg
Longfin Tiger Oscar Reg                                           %
Assorted Oranda Goldfish Sml
Assorted Balloon Molly Reg
Red Belly Pacu Sml                                                  %
Boesemani Rainbow Reg

Albino Cherry Barbs

Cryptocoryne Undulata Potted Reg                          %
Filigree Myrio Plant Bunched Reg
Aponogeton Madagascar Lace Plant Bulb
Aponogeton Ulvaceus Plant Bulb
Contortion Vallisneria Plant Reg                               %
Dwarf Hairgrass Plant Plug                                       %
Dwarf Lily Plant Reg