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Recommended Salt Water Parameters


 Salinity = 1.025 measured at (77°F),
PH = 8.2 - 8.4
Alkalinity should be a minimum of 2.5 meq/L (about 7 dKH), with a value somewhere between 3.2 meq/L (9 dKH) and 4.3 meq/L (12 dKH) being optimal.
Calcium = 380 & 450 ppm, and no less than 360 ppm. 
Ammonia should also be less than 0.1 ppm
Nitrate best kept well below 10 ppm, with values less than 1 ppm being optimal.

Saltwater New Arrivals



Snail, Nassarius (Tonga) 

Tang, Orange Shoulder Adult     

Royal Gramma Sml

Diamond Sleeper Goby Med

Scopas Tang Sml

Yellow Coris Wrasse Med 

Yellowtail Coris Wrasse Med  

Royal Flasher Wrasse Male Med  

Red Spotted Hawkfish Med  

Frilly Arrow Crab Med 

Skunk Cleaner Shrimp Med 

Astrea Turbo Snail   Atlantic 

Cerith Snail 

Olive Snail Sml  

Double Starfish Sml   Sand Dollar Med    

Tang, Blue (Hippo) 

Pilotfish, Golden (Trevally)

 Goby, Watchman Bluespot 

Goby, Sleeper Diamond 

Blenny, Sailfin Black 

B/F, Auriga Angel, 

Regal (Bali) Crab, 

Hermit Halloween Blue Snail, 

Cerith Hermit, Left Hand Zebra 

Blenny, Lawnmowers 

Goby, Sleeper Dragon 

Wrasse, Fairy Pintail (Male) 

Goby, Watchman Yellow

Goby, Firefish 

Eel, Moray Snow Flake 

Wrasse, Leopard 

Wrasse, Leopard (Africa) 

Wrasse, Dragon Wrasse, Fairy Blue


Diamond Goby

Solornsis Red Head Fairy Wrasse

BlueLegged Crabs 

Emerald Crabs

Cleaner Shrimp

Yellow Stripe Cling Fish (rare)


Anemone, Long Tentacle Zeb...

 Wrasse, Fairy Lubbock

 Tang, Blue (Hippo) 

Lionfish, Antennata 

Goby, Neon/Engineer (Pacific) 

Goby, Sleeper Dragon 

Goby, Sleeper Diamond

 Blenny, Lawnmowers 

Angel, Majestic Adult Wrasse, Fairy Pintail (Male) 

Anthias, Purple Queen

 B/F, Copperband 

B/F, Saddle Back 

B/F, Saddle Back Royal Gramma 

B/F, Pakistan 

B/F, Raccoon (Haw) 

Angel, Coral Beauty (Fiji)

 Angel, Singapore 

Starfish, Linkia Blue 

Wrasse, Sixline 

Coral Frogspawn Wall R... Frag, Goniopora Flowerpot R... 

Frag, Brain 

Leptastrea A Grade 

Pagoda, Turbinaria

 Yellow Foxface Yellow (Bali)

 Angel, Regal (Bali)

 Coral, Frogspawn Wall Color Frag, 

Coral Hammer Wall Reg. Frag, 

Coral Galaxea Green Frag,

Coral Torch Green Snail, 

Nassarius (Mex) 

Hermit, Left Hand Zebra 

Shrimp, Mantis Peacock 

Shrimp, Peppermint

 Tang, Sailfin (Bali, Fiji


Red Fairy Anthias

Half BLack Angel

Atlantic Seaweed Blenny Med 

 Diamond Sleeper Goby Med   

Gold Head Sleeper Goby Med  

 Six Spot Sleeper Goby Med 

 Hector's Goby Sml   

Yellow Mimic Tang Med 

  Horseshoe Crab Sml  

 Fire Shrimp 

  Astrea Turbo Snail Atlantic 

  Algae Eating Sea Hare Med  

 Double Starfish Sml   

Strawberry Sea Tunicate Med 

  Violet Cespitularia Polyp Aquacultured Sml   

Orange Lithophyllon Coral Aquacultured   Frag

Red Leptoseris Coral Aquacultured Frag     


25 Clownfish 3 -$30

Longfin CLownfish $99.99 or 2 - $170

Black Clowns Small- $25

Wyoming WHite - $25

Sparkey Maroons - $25




Black Orchid Crowntail Betta   Male Lrg   Dragonscale Betta Male Lrg   

Mustard Gas Halfmoon Betta   Male Lrg   Albino Dojo Loach Lrg   

Golden Kuhlii Loach Reg 

Mini Great Wbite Catfish Reg   

Panda Corydoras Reg  

 Jaguar Catfish Med   Tiger 

 Albino Bristlenose Pleco   Florida Reg   Bristlenose Pleco L144a Med 

Altum Angel PeruTank Raised   Reg   Assorted Aulonocara Peacock   Cichlid Reg Assorted Aulonocara Peacock   med

 Electric Blue Ahli Cichlid  Male Lrg   Assorted Premium African  Cichlid Reg   Albino Cobue Peacock Cichlid   Reg   Electric Blue Acara Reg    

 Blue Platy Reg   

 Green Lantern Platy Med  

 Red Platy Reg  

 Pineapple Candy Platy Med   

Salt & Pepper Platy Med   

24-Karat Tuxedo Platy Med   

Neon Blue Guppy Male Med   

Creamsicle Lyretail Molly Med   

Marble Lyretail Molly Med   

Payara H. Scomberoides Reg  

 Boesemani Rainbow Reg   

Celebese Rainbow Med    

Furcata Rainbow Med   

Signifer Rainbow Med 

  Threadfin Rainbow Med   

Turquoise Rainbow Reg   

Paskai Rainbow Reg   

Orange Von Rio Tetra Florida   Reg

Blue Rili Shrimp Reg    


 Crinum Calamistratum Plant Lrg  

 Dwarf Baby's Tears Plant Mat   3" x 5"   Dwarf Hairgrass Plant Mat   3" x 5"   Monoselenium Plant Cupped   Portion   Bronze Cryptocoryne Wendtii   Plant Med    


Angel Asst   Veil Sm   

Arowana Silver Sm  

 Arowana Silver Lg  

 Algae Eater Garra Flavatra   Apistogramma Ram Blue Lg   Apistogramma Ram Angel Veil   

Barb Denisonii T/R Sm   

Cat Redtail Sm   

 Cat Electric Sm   

 Cat Aluminum  

 Corydoras Skunk   

 Eel Tiretrack Md   

 Knife Black Ghost T/R Sm  

 Loach Weather Md   

 Pleco BrstlNse Starlight L183   

 Pleco Rubbernose L146   

 Pleco Clown  

 Scat Green Sm   

 Shark Bala Sm   

 Tetra Congo Male   

Tetra Neon Lg   

Betta Crowntail Male   

 Betta Show Male   

Loach Kuhlii  

 Cat Silver Shark Md   

 Cat Phantom Glass   

 Cich Jack Dempsey Elec Blue Sm   

 Fan Black Moor Lg   

 Oranda Pearlscale Sm   

 Oranda Pom Pom Sm  

 Loach Horseface Md   

Pleco BrstlNse BluEye Alb L144    


 Betta Female Reg  

 Crowntail Betta Female Reg  

 American Flag Crowntail Betta Male Lrg   Giraffe-Nosed Catfish Med  

 Albino Aeneus Corydoras Reg  

 Panda Corydoras Reg   

Sterbai Corydoras Tank Raised Reg   Leopard Corydoras Med   

Bristlenose Pleco L144a Florida Reg   Albino Longfin Bristlenose Pleco

 Longfin Bristlenose Pleco 

 Bristlenose Pleco L144a Med   

Royal Pleco L191 Reg  

 Assorted Aulonocara Peacock Cichlid Reg Assorted Aulonocara Peacock Cichlid Med   Electric Blue Ahli Cichlid Male Lrg   Kribensis Cichlid Med 

   Electric Blue Acara Reg  

 Assorted GloFish® Danio Reg 

  Assorted Glofish® Tetra Reg

   Featherfin Knife Med  

 Assorted Plumetail Platy Med 

  Green Lantern Platy Med  

 24-Karat Tuxedo Platy Med   

Assorted Delta Guppy Pair Med  

 Assorted Swordtail Reg 

 Black Swordtail Reg 

  Pineapple Candy Swordtail Reg   Pineapple Candy Wag Swordtail Reg   Leopard Puffer Reg 

  Millennium Rainbow Lrg 

  Neon Rainbow Med  

 New Guinea Rainbow Lrg   

Threadfin Rainbow Med 

   Turquoise Rainbow Reg 

  Albino Orange Millennium Rainbow Med   Dorityi Rainbowfish Lrg 

  Motoro Stingray Tank Raised Reg 

   Black Neon Tetra Reg   

Cardinal Tetra Med 

  Orange Von Rio Tetra Florida Reg  

 Red Eye Tetra Reg 

  Rummynose Tetra Reg 

  Serpae Tetra Reg 

   Von Rio Flame Tetra Reg  

 Assorted Nerite Snail Reg 


  Bacopa Plant Bunched Reg 

  Hornwort Plant Bunched Reg   Aponogeton Madagascar Lace Plant Bulb   Aponogeton Madagascar Lace Plant Sml   Bronze Cryptocoryne Wendtii Plant Med   Aponogetan Longiplumulosus Plant Bulb    


    F1596 Cich Afr   Frontosa Sm 

  F8181 Synodontis Petricola Sm  

 F4596 Knife Black Ghost T/R Sm   

F4987 Molly Lyertail 24 Karat Md  

 F1770 Cich Afr Labidi Yellow Sm  

 F8826 Tetra Rummy Nose T/R   

P3150 Root Anubius Nana   WHI32520 B/Shrimp Spirulina 3.5 Cube   WON77 ON Bloodworms 3.5oz Cube  

 F6246 Pleco Adonis Sm

   F1001 Cat Atronasus…NEW!! 

  F0196 Apistogramma Bitaeniata   F3672 Elephant Nose Md   

F0032 Algae Eater Garra Fuliginosa 

  F0008 Algae Eater Gold Lg  

 F0228 Apistogramma Ram Blue Lg  

 F0246 Apistogramma Ram Gold Lg 

  F1368 Cat Redtail Sm  

 F1410 Cat Shovelnose Tiger Sm   

F3999 Betta Crowntail Male   

F4014 Betta Show Male   

F2337 Cich Jack Dempsey Elec Blue Sm   

F2761 Cich Texas Electric Blue Lg   

F3090 Corydoras Skunk   F2975 Corydoras Julii C/B   

F3564 Eel Rope   

F7218 Scat Green Md  

 F8387 Tetra Congo Male   

F9038 Wolf Fish Rainbow  

 WFZ2000 Fuzzy Frozen (25 Pack)   WON77432 ON Clams On The Half Shell 32o   

P0600 Bunch Glossostigma